Neat Typography

This post is showcase of Oak theme typography.

Open Sans is used as main font for Oak theme. The same font is used for headings and body text. You are free to change it and choose your own font from one of 500+ Google Fonts. Read more about Google Fonts.

How to change default font

To change default theme font we need to dive into code. Don't be affraid ;) Let's start.

Navigate to Oak theme folder and open default.hbs file. In head section of document look for this link.

<link href=',300' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css' data-noprefix>

If you want to completly remove Open Sans from your theme and replace it with another font, replace this link with appropriate font include link from Google Fonts. You can find out more about including and using Google Fonts in this getting started guide.
If you want to keep Open Sans and add another font to theme, just paste include link bellow this one.

After you have included your chosen font from Google fonts, it is time to select new font as our default one.
Navigate inside Oak theme folder to assets/css/theme.css

Scroll down to body tag in 2. General styles - Base styles and change font-family property to one that you get at Google Fonts, for your new chosen font. If you want you can also change font-family property of h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 tags.

Default font weight for body text is 300 and for headings 400. You can also replace these values as you wish. To learn more about font-weight property visit this MDN guide.

Break time. You deserved it. :)